River Health Programme (2007) Rivers of the Gouritz Water Management Area 2007 River Health Programme

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Lemley D., Taljaard S., Adams J. & Strydom N. (2014) Nutrient characterisation of river inflow into the estuaries of the Gouritz Water Management Area, South Africa WaterSA 40: 687

Keywords: Water quality, eutrophication, inorganic nutrients, waste water discharge

DWA (2014) Reserve determination studies for the selected surface water, groundwater, estuaries and wetlands in the Gouritz Water management areas: Deliniation report, Volume 1 Department of Water Affairs (DWA)

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Adams J. B., Cowie M. & Van Niekerk L (2016) Assessment of completed ecological water requirement studies for South African estuaries and responses to changes in freshwater inflow Water Research Commission

Keywords: Estuary assessment