Kraaij T., Cowling R. M., van Wilgen B. W. & Schutte-Vlok A. (2012) Proteaceae juvenile periods and post-fire recruitment as indicators of minimum fire return interval in eastern coastal fynbos Applied Vegetation Science 16: 84–94

Keywords: Cape Floral Kingdom, Fire frequency, Fire rotation, Leucadendron, Maturation rate, Protea, Shrublands, Threshold of potential concern, Youth phase

Kraaij T., Cowling R. M., van Wilgen B. W., Rikhotso D. R. & Difford M. (2017) Vegetation responses to season of fire in an aseasonal, fire-prone fynbos shrubland PeerJ 2017: e3591

Keywords: Cape floral kingdom, Fire season, Germination, Leucadendron, Post-fire recruitment, Prescribed burning, Protea, Seed planting experiment, South Africa